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Cloud Security - Cybersecurity - IT Security

Byward contributes strategic thinking and technical resources in security design, security analysis, Security Assessment & Authorization (SA&A), secure systems integration, security testing, deployment and technical support. Byward has proven capacity to deliver for large-scale, multiple-organization projects and services.

Security and Privacy by Design

Byward has nearly two decades of experience in applying creativity, skill and knowledge to the design and implementation of client's security systems, applications and infrastructure. Byward delivers on client objectives with secure-by-design security architecture in accordance with government and industry standards and best practices.

Risk Management

Byward has a solid IT security risk management practice. We have extensive experience developing Security Assessment and Authorization (SA&A) and Certification and Accreditation (C&A) programs with effective processes and procedures in accordance with ITSG-33 and NIST SP800-53 security controls and risk management frameworks. We perform Threat and Risk Assessments (TRAs).  We support and engage in comprehensive security practitioner and rational security assessment activities for a diverse range of projects, large and small.

Emerging Technology

Byward is ready to provide technical and strategic advice for clients pursuing exciting emerging technology opportunities. Emerging technologies are both opportunities and areas of concerns for entrepreneurs, business leaders and government organizations. Byward is a partner who considers security an integral part of the plan instead of as an afterthought, and will support your risk decisions based on evidence.

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